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Weekly schedule:

*Times are subject to adjustment

These courses are INTENSIVE and they take a huge amount out of you physically and mentally, so please be prepared for that.

We at True Edge are committed to delivering  a productive, fun but most importantly, safe course.

No previous qualifications are required for the standard course, just a willingness for sweat and tears.

We will be starting each day with a cardio and strengthening, and we encourage you to start this before the course. There will be two fifteen minute breaks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. An hour long lunch break is typically half way through the day.

Exam day, where you’ll be adjudicated by an official BADC examiner and if successful in you exam you will be rewarded with an exam book with your result.

*We usually go to a local pub after the exam

Standard Exams

Please know that this is going to be a challenging week and not every student is ready to take an exam in this intensive time frame. In this case we can do a Foundation Exam.


    Do you hold any current qualifications in Stage Combat?

    NOTE: On the next step you will be able to choose and pay for your specific course.