Further Weapons June (3 options)


June 1oth – 19th 2022

Quarter staff, Rapier and cloak and unarmed 

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To qualify for this course, you must hold a valid BADC standard/intermediate/advanced qualification, an equivalent from our respected associate bodies or an expired BADC intermediate/advanced that needs renewal. Rules are strict regarding this and proof will be demanded before the first day of the course.

Weapons covered: Quarter staff, Rapier and cloak and unarmed

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Level 3 course

C 1 weapon, C 2 weapons, C 3 weapons, C 4 weapons, EB 1 weapon, EB 2 weapon, EB 2 weapons, EB 3 weapons, EB 4 weapons, FP 1 weapon, FP 2 weapons, FP 3 weapons, FP 4 weapons